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contorting Meaning in Bengali

 আকুঁচিত করা, মুচড়ান, মোচড়াইয়া দেত্তয়া,


মোচড়াইয়া দেত্তয়া, মুচড়ান, আকুঁচিত করা,

contorting's Usage Examples:

Duméril ' Bibron, 1853 Ancistrodon contortrix — Baird, 1854 Agkistrodon contorting Abbott, 1869 (ex errore) Ancistrodon atrofuscus — Cope, 1875 Agkistrodon.

such case, a man by the name of James Stephens went up, but was left contorting and gurgling until he finally died for asphyxiation.

The man seems to be contorting in either agony or ecstasy, in a somewhat Christ-like pose, like if he.

followed a strict formula: Sammy's sneeze would build frame by frame, contorting the protagonist's face until it erupted in the second-to-last panel.

The mine often starts contorting, frequently encircling the stem.

She would writhe and move her mouth as if she had convulsions while contorting her face, rolling her eyes and appearing to show deep vexation and torment.

because choreography and class exercises requires them to exert energy into contorting their backs and hips.

'" Exclaim! wrote that with Thomas's voice "contorting over tense, treble-loaded guitars, drums and squealing electronic devices.

to free himself from the fetters which hold his hands behind his back, contorting his torso and twisting his head.

An example of a repulsive effect is a molecule contorting to minimize the coulombic interactions of atoms that hold like charges.

Rose aphids damage the aesthetic appearance of rosebushes by contorting the flowers and foliage, and by the sticky honeydew they produce, which.

with two faces (one in front and the other in the back of the head), contorting gang-like dancers, and mobsters.

perfect for life, the truth is that "it's not that the universe is somehow contorting itself to accommodate us; it's just a diverse place and we find ourselves.

"Animal Lovers Aren't Laughing at kitty-contorting web spoof".

unpaired dorsal appendage as a 'sail' to move with the prevailing current, contorting their body so as to steer their movement.

Consisting of animated clay shapes contorting to a jazz score, Gumbasia so intrigued Samuel G.

First, Pluto tries to follow marching orders, contorting himself into quite a mess.

known as the Variscan orogeny, which pushed the cliffs out of the sea, contorting them as they did so.


twist; distort; morph; wring; wrench; deform; twine;


unknot; disentangle; unweave; unsnarl; untwist;

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