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convincingly Meaning in Bengali

 বিশ্বাস জন্মানো যায় এমন ভাবে, প্রত্যয়জনকভাবে,


প্রত্যয়জনকভাবে, বিশ্বাস জন্মানো যায় এমন ভাবে,

convincingly's Usage Examples:

Madrid's first final in the competition, after they unexpectedly but convincingly defeated Real Unión in the semi-finals.

They won convincingly, six points to two.

Kerry won convincingly with late goals by Din Joe Crowley and Mick Gleeson.

16 matches while second-placed Yorkshire won four less and lost twice convincingly to Warwickshire.

Bayern won the replay convincingly, with two goals each from Uli Hoeneß and Gerd Müller, giving the German.

Australia won all three Tests convincingly.

IUPAC concluded that the JINR had been the first to convincingly synthesise the element, but retained the name nobelium as deeply entrenched.

considerable headwinds as President Gerald Ford won the state over Jimmy Carter convincingly, even as Ford was losing nationwide.

affected software, SigSpoof attacks allow cryptographic signatures to be convincingly spoofed, under certain circumstances.

McManus convincingly defeated Stone.

Bykova won the match convincingly, regaining the title.

New Zealand won both Test matches convincingly to take the series 2–0.

Former Liberal Democrat Group leader, Judith Lubbock held Eaton convincingly.

geographically transitional 'Karna–Mari fringe' languages that have not been convincingly classified, and is best considered an isolate branch within the Pama–Nyungan.

Transit-timing variation was first convincingly detected for planets Kepler-9b and Kepler-9c and gained popularity by.

such as card magic, as it requires great skill and grace to perform convincingly, and this requires much practice to acquire.

winning New Zealand U20s team that travelled to Georgia in 2017 and convincingly beat England U20s in the final.

He can convincingly sing roles as lyrical as Rodolfo in La bohème, the Duke in Rigoletto.

Tanner states, "As a result of this unparalleled research effort, Thorpe convincingly refutes the claim that the Conservatives were uniquely distracted by.

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