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বিভিন্ন বস্তু একত্র পাকান,

convolved's Usage Examples:

as the discrete-time Fourier transform, can be defined on a circle and convolved by periodic convolution.

The Patterson function is also equivalent to the electron density convolved with its inverse: P ( u → ) = ρ ( r → ) ∗ ρ ( − r → ) .

We say that S is convolved with K to generate blurred image B, where K is the blur caused by defocus.

coincident values, and sum all these results, the output will be the (convolved image).

resolution and contrast enhancement or the choice of a conservative, re-convolved, output.

highest value in the image and subtract a small gain of this point source convolved with the point spread function ("dirty beam") of the observation, until.

The estimated equalizer is then convolved with the received signal to yield an estimation of the transmitted signal.

This is then convolved with the incoming audio signal to be processed.

A convolved Fibonacci sequence is obtained applying a convolution operation to the.

It is useful in some contexts to express Dirichlet convolution, or convolved divisors sums, in terms of matrix products involving the transpose of.

by an intricate, allusive, and subtle style inherited from Zeami which convolved yūgen with influences from Zen Buddhism (his Zen master was Ikkyū) and.

For IR data to be convolved convincingly, the acoustic events are captured using a dummy head where.

the bright image of the windows will bleed past the window frames when convolved with the Airy disc of the camera being used to produce the image.

{\displaystyle I} convolved with the Gaussian of variance σ 2 2 {\displaystyle \sigma _{2}^{2}} from the image I {\displaystyle I} convolved with a Gaussian.

recorded signal, and f is some signal that we wish to recover, but has been convolved with a filter or distortion function g, before we recorded it.

If this wavelet were to be convolved with a signal created from the recording of a melody, then the resulting.

For the trace of the transfer matrix of convolved masks holds t r   T g ∗ h = t r   T g ⋅ t r   T h {\displaystyle \mathrm.

distribution (WVD), as all other TFDs can be written as a smoothed or convolved versions of the WVD.

the RIXS experiment these two pieces of information come together in a convolved manner, strongly perturbed by the core-hole potential in the intermediate.

Any desired sound can now be convolved with one of these filters and played to a listener over headphones.


bend; twist; flex; convolute; deform; turn;


die; empty; nitrify; curdle; unbend;

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