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convolve Meaning in Bengali

 জড়ানো, গুটানো


বিভিন্ন বস্তু একত্র পাকান,

convolve শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

যেমন- কুকুরের লেজ সোজা হয় না, বাঘের লেজে কান চুলকানো, লেজ গুটানো, লেজ কাটা, লেজ ধরে টানা ইত্যাদি ।

convolve's Usage Examples:

as the discrete-time Fourier transform, can be defined on a circle and convolved by periodic convolution.

The most common way to approximate the image gradient is to convolve an image with a kernel, such as the Sobel operator or Prewitt operator.

Firstly convolve the image with a Sobel filter to extract edges.

D_{1/2}(h*\varphi )} It means that one obtains the function, again, if you convolve the function with a discrete mask and then scale it back.

For example, where image smoothing might convolve an intensity signal with a blur kernel formed using the Laplace operator.

In order to perform edge detection with the Roberts operator we first convolve the original image, with the following two kernels: [ + 1 0 0 − 1 ] and.

Even a perfect lens will convolve the incoming image with an Airy disk (the diffraction pattern produced.

one-dimensional smoothing step in practice, the presumably simplest approach is to convolve the discrete signal fD with a sampled Gaussian kernel: L ( x , t ) = ∑.

0; -1 5 -1; 0 -1 0]; % Laplacian filter kernel X=conv2(img,klaplace); % convolve test img with % 3x3 Laplacian kernel figure() imshow(X,[]) % show Laplacian.

(def nums (range)) (def tens [10 20 30]) (def firstname "Alice") ;; To convolve (0 1 2 3 .

carry out the following steps: Background subtraction: the idea is to convolve all the images that are captured with a Gauss filter of 5x5, and then these.

{ int type = TYPE_RGB_ALPHA; Image source = logo; Image img = logo; // convolve image to make a (lightened) shadow Image shadow = new Image { int type.

from the vocal cords and the formant filtering of the vocal tract, which convolve in the time domain and multiply in the frequency domain, are additive and.

jpg'))); DoG_channel = conv2(image,DoG_filter,'same'); % convolve DoG with input image Nonlinear channels: There are many non-linear channels.


A mathematically equivalent method is to convolve one sinc function with a series of Dirac delta pulses, weighted by the.


bend; twist; flex; convolute; deform; turn;


die; empty; nitrify; curdle; unbend;

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