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cooperated Meaning in Bengali

 সহকর্মী হত্তয়া, সহকারিত্ব করা, সহকর্মী করা, সহযোগিতা করা, সহযোগী করা,


সহযোগী করা, সহযোগিতা করা, সহকর্মী করা, সহকারিত্ব করা, সহকর্মী হত্তয়া,

cooperated's Usage Examples:

Nielsen cooperated with the short-lived National Socialist Workers' Party of Norway (Norges.

States informally cooperated with Britain, chiefly in allowing merchant ships to join each other's convoys.

Likewise, France cooperated with Spain on a.

The Allies of World War II cooperated extensively in the development and manufacture of new and existing technologies to support military operations and.

sides have cooperated smoothly in the fields of education, culture, science and technology, sports, tourism and media.

The two sides cooperated in the opening.

Lastly, the company also cooperated in developing third party online infrastructures compatible with Nintendo.

eventual fate is unknown by modern historians but it is known that they cooperated with other German tribes against Rome in various wars.

FSI cooperated with CanWest, the owner of Fox Sports World Canada, until its sale to.

Many organizations have cooperated to bring the relics of the Buddha to Argentina.

The women's team cooperated with Linderud IL on the team Linderud-Grei Toppfotball, which played in.

During the past few years, TUTE has also cooperated with schools from America, Japan, South Korea, Britain, Australia and.

Under Alcora, South Africa, Portugal and Rhodesia cooperated in the Angolan War of Independence, the Mozambican War of Independence.

Two countries shared their views on Francoist Spain and cooperated with the Spanish Republican government in exile.

keeping EU's control over the entire chain of command the mission closely cooperated with NATO through transparency and regular consultations and its headquarters.

maintained a political wing known as the Heimatblock (Homeland Bloc), which cooperated with Engelbert Dollfuss' conservative government.

Even before the two counties joined in 2020, they cooperated in many ways; the University of Agder had sites in both Aust-Agder and.

The Selangor Labour Party cooperated with the Malayan Trades Union Council, and the party helped the MTUC to.

the Wallkill watershed as a whole the Open Space Institute and the town cooperated in 2005 to obtain a permanent agricultural easement on the 227-acre (92 ha).

Pršeš has performed as a keyboardist with many pop and rock bands and has cooperated with many performers from Bosnia and Herzegovina arranging compositions.

The party also cooperated with Christian Democratic Party of the Overthrow, Panagiotis Psomiadis.

Vietnam, and Laos were allies of the Soviet Union, though they sometimes cooperated with China, while Pol Pot's Cambodian regime was loyal to China.


work; get together; collaborate; join forces; go along; play along;


divide; refrain; discontinue; recede; idle;

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