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from then on cutlasses would be carried only for ceremonial duties and not used in landing parties.

The last recorded use of cutlasses by the Royal Navy.

of Essex is ancient in origin and features three notched Saxon seaxes (cutlasses) on a red field.

hoes, machetes, and cutlasses), mainly the production of food crops, performed on small scattered plots.

aimlessly being shelled, she collides with the cruiser, and her crew "out cutlasses, and board!" the enemy.

first-rate order," but contained no furnishings or weapons other than ten cutlasses and revolvers.

Her crew don pirate costumes, including replica cutlasses and flintlock pistols, to amuse her guests.

The US Navy kept tens of thousands of sturdy cutlasses in their armory well into World War II and many were issued to Marines.

This incident is frequently cited as the last Royal Navy action with cutlasses.

warships were galleys carrying a hundred or more fighting men armed with cutlasses and small arms.

Springfield's Thomas Blanchard, and the largest producer of swords and cutlasses for the Union Army during the Civil War.

are made similar to European models, strongly influenced from the naval cutlasses carried by the Dutch sailors, and shows a blend of European and Islamic.

The swords, heavier than standard cutlasses, were designed for strength training and for "sword feats" (most often.

The blade weapons on the enlisted pin are cutlasses.

Road maintenance is carried out mainly by hand work particularly with cutlasses for side brushing and axe for removing logs thrown across by heavy storms.

If both miss, they come to their cutlasses, and then he is declared the victor who draws the first blood.

Islands, they actually organised a fighting force armed with pistols and cutlasses, sailed to Ichaboe and attacked the trading outposts there.

they were counting on 1,000 pesos of silver, two pistols, and some 50 cutlasses and machetes to initiate a popular uprising under the patronage of the.

and the celebrants dress like warriors and they often carry cudgels and cutlasses along.


brand; steel; sword; blade; cutlas;



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