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 কাটা, কর্তন করা, ছিন্ন করা, চিরা, ছাঁটা, বিদারণ করা, কপচান, বিদীর্ণ করা, বিদীর্ণ হত্তয়া, খণ্ডন করা, বিভক্ত করা, বিভক্ত হত্তয়া, পার হইয়া যাত্তয়া, পরম্পর বিভক্ত করা, আহত করা, মর্মবেদনা দেত্তয়া, তাড়াতাড়ি যাত্তয়া, কাটিয়া কমান, উঠা,


ঢক, ঢঙ্, ঢপ, পথ, খাল, তীক্ষ্ন বিদ্রুপ, আঘাত, ক্ষত, কাটিয়া, ছিন্ন অংশ, ছেদিত, ছিন্নকরণ, বিভাজন, বিদারণ, খণ্ড, কর্তন,


খণ্ডন করা, উঠা, কাটিয়া কমান, তাড়াতাড়ি যাত্তয়া, মর্মবেদনা দেত্তয়া, আহত করা, পরম্পর বিভক্ত করা, পার হইয়া যাত্তয়া, বিভক্ত করা, বিদীর্ণ হত্তয়া, বিদীর্ণ করা, কপচান, বিদারণ করা, ছাঁটা, চিরা, ছিন্ন করা, কর্তন করা, বিভক্ত হত্তয়া, কাটা,

cuts's Usage Examples:

sheep, as of other mammals, includes more connective tissue than some other cuts, and, if not from a young lamb, is best cooked slowly using either a moist.

Critics also point out that several large tax cuts in the United States over the last 40 years have not increased revenue.

The beef brisket is one of the nine beef primal cuts, though the definition of the cut differs internationally.

type of salt-cured pork made from various cuts, typically from the pork belly or from the less fatty back cuts.

lingering death, or slow slicing, and also known as death by a thousand cuts, was a form of torture and execution used in China from roughly 900 until.

They may prepare standard cuts of meat and poultry for sale in retail or wholesale food establishments.

passed with cuts for cinema.

Released with 2 minutes 6 seconds of animal cruelty cuts in 2001, and re-released with 2 minutes of similar cuts in 2018.

Lunch meats—also known as cold cuts, luncheon meats, cooked meats, sliced meats, cold meats, and deli meats—are precooked or cured meats that are sliced.

development of cuts whose complexity, optical performance, and waste reduction were hitherto unthinkable.

The most popular of diamond cuts is the modern.

refer to cuts of beef tenderloin.

The tenderloin runs along both sides of the spine, and is usually harvested as two long snake-shaped cuts of meat.

production software to splice together small "cuts" (samples) of music from previously recorded works.

These cuts are then integrated with the signature of.

For some meats, such as pork, lamb and mutton, chevon, and veal, these cuts are often referred to as chops.

The Beeching cuts (also Beeching Axe) was a plan to increase the efficiency of the nationalised railway system in Great Britain.


hack; plane; knap; mortise; clip; furrow; chop; saber; shave; cut up; chamfer; tail; tomahawk; bisect; transect; sever; discerp; cradle; pare; chase; jag; divide; nip off; dissect; chip; gash; strike down; chop up; bevel; chip at; slash; saw; sabre; trench; hob; rebate; carve; snip; julienne; snick; manicure; rip; bore; break off; drop; chatter; bob; whittle; incise; cut away; scissor; slice; disunite; cube; drill; slit; part; mortice; dice; undercut; crosscut; mow; trim; separate; nick; shear; cut down; cut across; cut off; tap; pink; trisect; lop; snip off; nip; slice up; circumcise; fell; indent; dock;


stabilise; wet; focus; detransitivize; dissimilate;

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