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Pitchfork thought the band on that version "folds the cuttingly arrhythmic honks and squawks into traditional blues arcs that are only.

film with unusual restraint through smooth editing, crisp camerawork cuttingly ironic dialogues, and of course Dimple's trevails both physical as well.

Jahr 1797, published in October, including hundreds of epigrams, both cuttingly satirical (Xenien) and "tame" (zahm), constructive general comments on.

" and "The album cover and even the selected tunes and titles are cuttingly funny, but the songs themselves are played warmly and delivered with care.

his writing "lucid, terse, and pungent" and his character "witty, often cuttingly sarcastic, but seldom humorous".

He is a genius for his age and size and is cuttingly sarcastic.

counter a review praising The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins, where she cuttingly said that she had "not attended to Dawkins, thinking it unnecessary to.

Sutherland is coolly commanding and Jane Fonda a force of nature in Klute, a cuttingly intelligent thriller that generates its most agonizing tension from its.

" Rather more cuttingly, Jonathan Meades says that "His buildings, like their bombastic maker.

Kite review, Dolly takes a new approach towards her reviews where she is cuttingly mean about every band she reviews.

McCulloch was the editor of The Scotsman of Edinburgh and replied cuttingly in a review printed on the front page of his newspaper in March 1827.

" Krystina Nellis of Drowned in Sound called the track "cuttingly personal".

He argued cuttingly, his biting satire did not shrink at insults, and his expressions could.

and began composing his own operas, distinguished as being much more cuttingly expressive than the works of his contemporaries (anticipating the romantic.

Sokolow, Weizmann's diplomatic representative, cuttingly remarked to Picot underlining the irrelevance of the Triple Entente to.

Molotov also cuttingly remarked that if England's fate was sealed, why they were talking in an.

Artillery's Annabel Osberg calls it "a conceptual yet cuttingly poignant photo-novella"; other reviewers described it as eerily timeless.

A theatre critic at the time commended his "cuttingly sharp artistic personality .

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