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dicyanamide is available in good yield and high purity from cyanamid and cyanogen chloride, which is suitable as an intermediate for the synthesis of active.

of the star shows exceptionally strong levels of CN; one of the highest cyanogen indices measured.

The "CNII" in its spectral type indicates strong cyanogen signature in its outer atmosphere.

almonds, or respiratory tract inflammations and congestions in the case of cyanogen chloride poisoning.

A CN star has unusually strong cyanogen bands in its spectrum compared to other stars of its stellar class.

Cyanogen - C2N2 (NCCN) Isocyanogen - C2N2 (CNCN) Diisocyanogen - C2N2 (CNNC) Paracyanogen - a cyanogen polymer, (NCCN)n Paraisocyanogen - a cyanogen polymer.

by trimerization of certain nitriles such as cyanogen chloride or cyanimide.

Cyanogen chloride and cyanogen bromide each trimerize at elevated temperatures.

The spectrum displays "slightly strong" absorption lines of cyanogen (CN).

It shows a spectral anomaly with the absorption lines of cyanogen (CN).




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