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debugged Meaning in Bengali

 ডেবাগ্ করা,


ডেবাগ্ করা,

debugged's Usage Examples:

reversible debugging/execution), which can be replayed and interactively debugged.

in the test environment, producing core dumps that can be analysed and debugged immediately; without stressing, intermittent faults would occur in the.

it does not crash the host operating system, so the emulated OS can be debugged) and to run other guest operating systems inside already running host operating.

the program to be debugged, it allows the GNU Debugger to connect from another system; that is, only the executable to be debugged needs to be resident.

operating systems, allowing PlayStation 3 games and software to be played and debugged on a personal computer.

Executable UML models "can be run, tested, debugged, and measured for performance.

Small business programs could be developed and debugged rapidly with Business Basic because of the interactive nature of the interpreter.

The eZ8 Encore! series can be programmed and debugged through a single pin serial communication interface.

with CodeLite's open-source spirit, the program itself is compiled and debugged using only free tools (MinGW and GDB) for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and.

It was described as a "debugged version" of the ill-fated McLaren MP4-18, but it was not a successful car.

the windows include: Code window – the code window showed the currently debugged code in its source code context.

system in place of a yet-to-be-built chip, so the whole system can be debugged with live data.

requires a single wire and specialized electronics in the system being debugged.

simulator allows for robotics programs to be conveniently written and debugged off-line with the final version of the program tested on an actual robot.

Electric Fence vastly increases the memory requirements of programs being debugged.

Bugmin Yuuto had captured and debugged.

In the manga, Bug-Turbomin was the first Bugmin Yuuto had captured and debugged instead.

provide a command line that can be used directly on the machine being debugged.

0, was never fully debugged, but is free software available under a BSD free software license.

times, possibly only once, after they had been successfully written, and debugged, efficient running of those programs was of relatively little importance.

be run more than a few times, after they were successfully written and debugged, the efficiency of the program, once compiled was of secondary importance.


correct; rectify; right;


incorrect; incorrectness; wrong; falsify;

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