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decanted Meaning in Bengali

 একত্র মিশ্রিত করা,


একত্র মিশ্রিত করা,

decanted's Usage Examples:

in red wine, where the wine is decanted from the potassium bitartrate crystals to avoid unsavory taste).

The contents of the hamper may be decanted regularly into larger containers or a cart, wagon, or truck.

The club were recently decanted as the venue was upgraded in preparation for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

The liquid (alcohol with dissolved fat) is then decanted into water.

The benzoic acid is decanted to remove the aqueous solution of impurities, more water is added, and.

The water, decanted in the lake, is usually clear with a green hue; however, occasionally,.

left to ferment into wine for at least five to six months before being decanted and bottled.

The uranium-bearing solution is then decanted and directed to a solvent extraction (SX) process for further purification.

Finally, the oil is decanted away from the heavier watery phase, which contains detritus from breaking.

These ingredients, once blended, have to be decanted and aged for several months.

drift out to sea, but was towed to the cove and its 400 passengers safely decanted.

The college had decanted to the Northland Road to facilitate the construction of a new building.

Army soon discovered that a dry ration that could be easily decanted into waterproof bags for individual use would best suit jungle infantrymen.

solution was then carefully decanted to avoid suspending insoluble solid impurities settled to the bottom of the pot.

The hot decanted liquid was distributed.

are decanted or pumped into a cylinder, resulting in a two gas mix of oxygen and helium.

With heliair, a measured pressure of helium is decanted into.

to liquid-liquid extraction, in the CCD instruments the upper phase is decanted from the lower phase once the phases have settled.

(traditionally using the lid to block the leaves for ease of consumption), or decanted into another container.

the straining method, the juice from the strained potatoes is saved and decanted to produce es:chuño, a kind of potato starch.

Also, the office tower space was decanted into the retail mall, and was subsequently leased to voluntary welfare.


pour out; pour;

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