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deceits Meaning in Bengali

 শঠতা, প্রতারণা, প্রতারণ, কপট, ঠকাই, প্রবঁচনা, প্রবঁচন, ঠগাম, ধড়িবাজি, দ্বিভাব, কারমাজি, কৈতব, কৌশল,


কৌশল, কৈতব, কারমাজি, দ্বিভাব, ধড়িবাজি, ঠগাম, প্রবঁচন, প্রবঁচনা, ঠকাই, কপট, প্রতারণ, প্রতারণা, শঠতা,

deceits's Usage Examples:

comes from the Litany in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer: "From all the deceits of the world, the flesh, and the devil, spare us, good Lord.

Times, "is its courageous exploration of such matters, of the conceits and deceits that inform the lives not only of ordinary people but those whom the rest.

good, dickering with hostile, superstitious tribesmen, and exposing the deceits of bone-rattling witch doctors.

time, Chandraiah successfully yields the mango orchard when Bhujangarao deceits him by endowing a dry land.

Purism wants to conceive clearly, execute loyally, exactly without deceits; it abandons troubled conceptions, summary or bristling executions.

Landes, Relics, apocalypse, and the deceits of the past, p.

In 1671, an Act of Parliament was obtained for preventing 'abuses and deceits in making Kidderminster stuffs'.

The book details psychological deceits that ideologues or authoritarians commonly used.

Rather than passively wallowing in these conceits, or swallowing their deceits, Jackson set to de-bunking them with brutal 'response' lyrics.


dishonesty; fraudulence;


unequivocalness; contraction; honesty;

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