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deceive Meaning in Bengali

 প্রতারনাকরা, ভুল পথে চালনা করা


ধোঁকা দেত্তয়া, ধোঁকাবাজি করা, জুয়াচুরি করা, কলা দেখান, কপটাচরণ করা, ভাঁড়ান, ছলনা করা, ভুলান, প্রবঁচনা করা, প্রতারণা করা, ছল করা, শঠতা করা, ছলাকলা করা, ছলা,

deceive শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

মোহিনী নামটি ক্রিয়া প্রকৃতি মোহ্‌ থেকে এসেছে, যার অর্থ হচ্ছে ছলনা করা বা মোনমুগ্ধ করা ।

হয়ে পড়ে থাকা কলা হওয়া কিছুই না হওয়া কলাখেকো বুদ্ধি বানুরে দুর্বুদ্ধি কলা দেখান অগ্রাহ্য করা, ফাঁকি দেওয়া কলাপোড়া খাওয়া ব্যর্থ হয়ে পড়ে থাকা কলাবৌ ।

নাওয়ের (নৌকার) বিলাই (বিড়াল) চৌকিদার শুভংকরের ফাঁকি আসল কথা গোপন রেখে ছলনা করা শেষ ভালো যার,সব ভালো তার সব খারাপ হয়েও যার শেষ ভালো সেই সফল হলো সর্বাঙ্গে ।

deceive's Usage Examples:

deceive Charlatan, a person who practices deception to obtain money or other advantages Counterfeit, a reproduction of an item, intended to deceive Cover-up.

on the deceiver.

As a result, deceivers often leak.

replace the original, for use in illegal transactions, or otherwise to deceive individuals into believing that the fake is of equal or greater value than.

intentional and requires the deceiver to know or believe ¬p and the deceived to believe p.

On this traditional mode, self-deceivers must (1) hold contradictory.

or silver, to a sample to change the value of the sample with intent to deceive potential buyers of the mine.

variegation may be part of a defensive strategy employed by plants to deceive adult leaf miners into thinking that a leaf has already been preyed upon.

All these are arts to deceive the batsman and require much practice.

drawings were not based on any actual designs, and were solely printed to deceive Allied intelligence.

By initially simulating a running play, the offense attempts to deceive the defense into acting on the fake run and being out of position in their.

misconduct, it is the intent to deceive that marks fabrication as unethical, and thus different from scientists deceiving themselves.

improper punctuation, or double meaning, especially if the intent is to deceive, evade, blame or misrepresent the truth.

Dummies and decoys are fake military equipment that are intended to deceive the enemy.

someone moves the head to fake an intended change in direction and thereby deceive opponents.

intolerable potential to deceive," was newly immortalized in the title of a book, Downline.

an intolerable potential to deceive, by E.

It is used deliberately to deceive the opponents.

Disinformation is false or misleading information that is spread deliberately to deceive.


cheat; fool; sell; befool; set up; cuckold; chisel; delude; victimize; flim-flam; gull; pull a fast one on; shill; cheat on; hoax; lead on; cozen; frame; trick; entrap; victimise; fob; play a trick on; wander; fox; humbug; pull someone"s leg; play a joke on; betray; play tricks; ensnare;


disorder; wife; undercharge; lose; top;

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