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deflates Meaning in Bengali

 বিচ্ছুরিত হত্তয়া, ক্ষরিত হত্তয়া, স্ফীতি হ্রাস করা, নি:সৃত হত্তয়া,


নি:সৃত হত্তয়া, স্ফীতি হ্রাস করা, ক্ষরিত হত্তয়া, বিচ্ছুরিত হত্তয়া,

deflates's Usage Examples:

The balloon inflates and deflates via counter pulsation, meaning it actively deflates in systole and inflates in diastole.

arrest a climb or initiate a descent, the pilot incrementally jettisons or deflates balloons.

Les Dégonflés is a French vigilante group that deflates tyres on SUVs parked on the streets of Paris in order to protest against the associated high emissions.

If the colony is on a sand bar at low tide, it usually deflates and becomes covered with a thin film of silty sand.

To catch their food the cushion star inflates its cushion and then deflates on top of its prey.

To a certain extent, the term deliberately deflates this.

plays exuberantly with a ball that it accidentally deflates.

An inflatable seal is a type of rubber seal that inflates and deflates based on the presence of an inflation source.

buoyancy engines typically involve a hydraulic pump that either inflates and deflates an external bladder filled with hydraulic fluid, or extends and retracts.

Der-wei Wang stated that the framework of Xin Zhongguo, using a dream, "[deflates] the fantastic magnitude of the center narrative.

when an owl perched on a branch, in front of the full moon, inflates and deflates when the wind blows.

measures, falls as the bubble builds up, sharply increasing after the bubble deflates.

resulting pressure creates a thrust which propels the balloon forward as it deflates.

Shimmer that she bakes a soufflé for Rarity every year, but it always deflates before she can deliver it.

and it deflates, revealing itself to be an enormous balloon.

When the cardiologist subsequently deflates the balloon the stent stays behind in the artery and the balloon catheter.

"Loyd recovery deflates USM".

"Oops! Purdue quickly deflates Irish".


turn; release;


unmown; unabridged; erase;

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