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deified Meaning in Bengali

 দেবতুল্য করা, দেবত্বারোপণ করা,


দেবত্বারোপণ করা, দেবতুল্য করা,

deified's Usage Examples:

the New Kingdom, all deceased pharaohs were deified as the god Osiris.

The architect Imhotep was deified after his death.

in the 3,000 years following his death, he was gradually glorified and deified.

70 years later he was elevated to the post of Daijō-daijin, and he was deified as Tenjin-sama, which means "heavenly deity".

Imhotep: An ancient Egyptian polymath who was deified.

Enheduanna: A Sumerian high-priestess, who was deified after her death.

Pertinax would be deified by the emperor Septimius Severus.

known as "Three Kings" or "Three Patrons"), a group of ancient deities or deified kings of prehistoric China.

In 42 AD Livia was deified by Claudius, who acknowledged her title of Augusta.

mansions the asterism Kṛttikā, Revati and Rohini are often described as deified beings and “mothers”.

River / Sarasvati 3 Parjanya (Rain) 3 Vāc (Speech) 2 (mentioned 130 times, deified e.


apotheose; apotheosise; idealize; apotheosize; idealise;



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