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deifies Meaning in Bengali


দেবত্বারোপণ করা, দেবতুল্য করা,

deifies's Usage Examples:

Mythology often deifies victory, as in the cases of the Greek Nike or the Roman Victoria.

The temple deifies the Pranalinga ("the reality of God which can be captured by the mind").

Krishna-centric philosophy that surfaces repeatedly in his paintings as he deifies the king with light blue skin.

(宇賀神堂), near Sazae-dō, which was built during the late 17th century and deifies a white snake as a god of abundance and fertility.

It may be strange that New York, the city which deifies speed and insanity, could produce this music, but it is as if Lothar and.

of the protagonist of Kesavan's book, the boy called Appukkuttan, who deifies E.

into the construction of the Kashivishvanatha temple in Lakkundi which deifies Shiva.

not long after another of his sons by Rhea, named Muth, having died, he deifies him, and the Phoenicians call him Thanatos ['Death'] and Pluto.

Hitler along with a new edition of The Lighting and the Sun (1958), which deifies the Führer as an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu.

Augustine of Hippo (354–430) said: "But he himself that justifies also deifies, for by justifying he makes sons of God.

"Shepard Fairey-designed Obama portrait on cover of Rolling Stone deifies, questions President".

"Jamal Joratli: the Arab artist who works in Athens and deifies it".

"Santa Fe Opera's ultra-safe 'Oscar' deifies Wilde more than it defines him".

embraces universalism by conceiving the whole world as a single family that deifies the one truth, and therefore it accepts all forms of beliefs and dismisses.

episode, Cartman, after watching The Passion of the Christ numerous times, deifies the film's director, Mel Gibson, and starts an official Gibson fan club.

School resumes and Tom joins a fraternity which somewhat deifies one of their disappeared brothers.

spring up in anticipation of Superman's return from the dead: one that deifies the Eradicator and another that venerates the Cyborg.

The shrine deifies a Prince Go Yak'gwang (高若光) of the Koma clan (later known as Genbu Jakkō.

deifies its leaders; c.


apotheose; apotheosise; idealize; apotheosize; idealise;



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