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disinfecting Meaning in Bengali

 নির্বীজিত করা, সংক্রামক শক্তিপূন্য করা,


সংক্রামক শক্তিপূন্য করা, নির্বীজিত করা,

disinfecting শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

পরীক্ষা করা হতে পারে এবং প্রান্তিক নারী ও রূপান্তরিত নারীকে জোরপূর্বক নির্বীজিত করা হতে পারে ।

disinfecting's Usage Examples:

needed] Air disinfectants are typically chemical substances capable of disinfecting microorganisms suspended in the air.

respective tracked mobile disinfecting anti-chemical agents vehicle.

(/ˈlaɪsɒl/; spelled Lizol in India) is an American brand of cleaning and disinfecting products distributed by Reckitt, which markets the similar Dettol or.

Like soap, ash is also a disinfecting agent (alkaline).

It was once commonly used as a topical solution for disinfecting wounds, but as with all organomercury compounds it is highly toxic, especially.

Besides disinfecting, the purpose of these blocks is to reduce or mask odors from restroom.

A wet wipe, also known as a wet towel or a moist towelette, disinfecting wipe, or a baby wipe in specific circumstances, is a small to medium-sized moistened.

have broad spectrum bactericidal properties, making them useful for disinfecting and sterilizing and are used in swimming pool sanitation to control bacteria.

Mixed oxidant solution is a kind of disinfectant which is used for disinfecting, sterilization and eliminating pathogenic microorganisms in water and in.

After three days of rioting, the protest subsided, but the process of disinfecting Mexican migrants at the U.

are sick, respiratory etiquette, and maintaining routine cleaning and disinfecting of the work environment.

industry, mainly for resins and cellulose esters, and, sometimes, as a disinfecting agent.

areas and refers to eliminating or reducing bacteria by cleaning and disinfecting.

Owing to its oxidizing and disinfecting action, it is used in the chemical, medical and food industries.

listed numerically, the figure expressing the disinfecting power of a substance by relating it to the disinfecting power of phenol may be a function of the.

adjacent Wurdee Boluc Water Treatment Plant is responsible for filtering, disinfecting and fluoridating Geelong's water supply.

When disinfecting diving equipment it is necessary to consider the effectiveness of the.


clean; sterilise; chlorinate; antisepticize; make clean; sterilize;


dirtiness; septic; untidy; infect; dirty;

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