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eases Meaning in Bengali

 আলগা করা, আরাম দেত্তয়া, স্বস্তিবিধান করা, ঢিলা করা, শান্ত করা,


আয়েস, আয়েশ, বাধ্যহীনতা, বিরাম, বিশ্রাম, সহজসাধ্যতা, আয়াসহীনতা, শান্তি, অবলীলা, স্বাচ্ছন্দ্য, আরাম,


শান্ত করা, ঢিলা করা, স্বস্তিবিধান করা, আরাম দেত্তয়া, আলগা করা,

eases's Usage Examples:

As stated on its website, the INEI eases decision-making with the help of quality statistical information and the.

This is similar to a laxative, which is a substance that eases defecation, usually by softening feces.

noted that "Homer has a colorful and unique interface that significantly eases using IRC, since it simplifies switching channels, keeping multiple discussions.

Repetition eases the learning of fretboard and chords and eases improvisation.

Gently pouring alcohol and other liquids over the twist eases them into the glass and, with practice, into their own layer.

The bridge located in Jubilee Hills connects with Financial District and eases traffic congestion to Madhapur across Durgam Cheruvu.

"Morning stiffness" pain which eases up after the joint has been used, is characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis.

road that climbs up Coquetdale from Alwinton to the foot of Shillhope Law eases any access problems.

Legal scholars are concerned that just as technology eases the process of cheaply making and distributing derivative works imbued with.

It also eases the traffic congestion on NH- 16 that connects twin cities of Bhubaneswar.

will always be balanced but will get no mid-transaction writes; doing so eases the difficulty (at the time) of adding and removing nodes, and instead performs.

Reliability is improved because it eases the task of recovering from partial failures.

The point eases the insertion of the hook through the material being crocheted and the groove.

eases arms purchases for Syrian rebels "Syrian Rebels Are Getting Serious Help.

animals, it acts as an accessory to the lacrimal gland, secreting fluid that eases movement of the nictitating membrane.

This eases firewall traversing.

the wind unless the sailor counteracts the wind's pressure by hiking, or eases the sails to reduce it.

Emily's first husband, becomes a friend to both Emily and Charlotte and eases their way into society.

Meat slurry is more malleable than dark meats and eases the process of meat distribution as pipelines may be used.

absorbing action of the leather straps and for the way the special motion eases the coach over very rough patches of roadway.


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