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eavesdrop Meaning in Bengali

 আড়িপেতে শোনা


আড়ি পাতিয়া শোনা, কান পেতে শোনা, লুকাইয়া শোনা, আড়ি পেতে শোনা,

eavesdrop's Usage Examples:

The verb eavesdrop is a back-formation from the noun eavesdropper ("a person who eavesdrops"), which was formed from the related noun eavesdrop ("the dripping.

The CIA used a black helicopter to set a clandestine wiretap to eavesdrop on Paris Peace Talks discussions and other intelligence.

The radio frequency, however, can be eavesdropped within several meters once powered-up.

fraudulent Wi-Fi access point that appears to be legitimate but is set up to eavesdrop on wireless communications.

into the phones of media professionals and activists, used by Israel to eavesdrop on its opponents and even its allies.

Denny and a technician hide in a sound editing room and eavesdrop on productions.

The first Acoustic Kitty mission was to eavesdrop on two men in a park outside the Soviet compound on Wisconsin Avenue in.

buzzing hornet, resembling the show's theme tune, to anyone trying to eavesdrop on the conversation.

separated, it is as old as dial telephones, on which no operator could eavesdrop (1930s–1950s).

allowed the phones to be more secure and decreased eavesdropping; it was relatively easy to eavesdrop on analog cordless phone conversations.

contrast to the original eavesdropping on an acoustic speech conversation, radio eavesdropping stations are used to eavesdrop on the information transmitted.

2019, a bug was discovered in the FaceTime app that allowed users to eavesdrop on other users without their knowledge through an exploit.

It can be used to eavesdrop with minimal chance of exposure.

record faraway sounds such as bird calls, in sports reporting, and to eavesdrop on private conversations in espionage and law enforcement.

Clearly an adversary who can eavesdrop on a password authentication can then authenticate itself in the same.

noun Rauschgift ("narcotics") with the verb lauschen ("to listen, to eavesdrop")—was inspired by a scene in the film Breakfast at Tiffanys.

their view between different cameras to keep watch over the girls and eavesdrop on conversations to follow the story and listen for clues.

November 11, 2015 2 "How to Eavesdrop" David learns how to eavesdrop on people who are talking about him.

proposed criminal acts, most notably including the use of wiretaps to eavesdrop on telephone conversations involving Democratic party leaders.

asks her to come with him to a party that he knows Gwen will attend and eavesdrop on conversations to find out the real reason she dumped him.


tap; listen; wiretap; bug; listen in; intercept;


ride; deposit; disobey;

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