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ectotrophic's Usage Examples:

They have both ectotrophic and endotrophic mycorrhiza associations.

"Fungus associates of ectotrophic mycorrhizae".

"Tomentella alpina, an important mycobiont of alpine ectotrophic plants".

The only specific fungus identified from shellbark hickory roots is an ectotrophic mycorrhiza, Laccaria ochropurpurea.

lignosus is characteristic of an ectotrophic growth habit.

"Fungi that produce ectotrophic mycorrhizae".

ectomycorrhizae) ectoparasite ectotrophic elicitor enation encapsidate encyst endemic endogenous endophytic endoconidium.

Like other species of Lactarius, candy caps are generally thought to be ectotrophic, with L.

"A study of the ectotrophic mycorrhizas of woody plants".

"The ectotrophically mycorrhizal fungi of the neotropical lowlands, especially central Amazonia".

"Notes on ectotrophic mycorrhizae of Pinus patula in South Africa".

" All collections have been made in association with ectotrophic host trees including Pinus and Quercus species in southeastern North.

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