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embitter Meaning in Bengali

 তিক্ত বা বিরক্ত করা


তীব্রতরভাবে বিরোধিতা করা, অসুখজনক করা, তিক্ত্বিরক্ত করা, তিক্ত করা,

embitter's Usage Examples:

unending democratic transition and political infighting would forever embitter the outspoken artist, who had long dreamed of a return to help rebuild.

day-to-day life, as well as Stig's inability to accept the career of a soloist embitter the man.

theologically by the Acacians; and it was easy for the "pope" of Alexandria to embitter his sovereign (as Julian says he did,) against the Alexandrian community.

Lucifer had hoped that frightened and bigoted humans would embitter the Beast and make him accept his destiny as a being of evil, a plan that.

truly exemplary and while they served to endear the remembrances they embitter the loss of him to all his numerous friends and connections.

report: The punishment of vengeance or anything else which is calculated to embitter the life of a Prisoner, beyond that of Barrs and Fence, I most strenuously.

before the Chinese invaded in 1950", but believes that the holiday will embitter Tibetans.

luxury—loose morals, drunkenness, intrigue—he did acquire a vice which was to embitter the rest of his days, avarice.

text of "Ermutigung" warns the listener/reader not to become hardened or embittered.

good job skills, Seattle Times, July 31, 2005 Unfairness of life can embitter you if you let it[permanent dead link], Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Tag.

Stay furious contests, and avenging strife, whose works with woe embitter human life; to lovely Kyrpis [Aphrodite] and to Lyaios [Dionysos] yield.

His attempts to publicly thank her for supporting him only embitter her further.

(from his hand) and said "My purpose was to test your love and not to embitter your mouth with this wicked and unlucky liquor!" This love-affair proceeded.

The "net effect was to embitter the working class and to deepen the gulf that existed between it and the.

rancorous spirit in which many of his articles were written did much to embitter party feeling.

been acting chief justice on Wray's retirement; within three months, embittered by this and experiencing chronic liver trouble (likely malarial, or related.

This measure served to embitter long serving non-commissioned officers who could no longer aspire to reach.

thrown lustre on France, and whose existence the government would regret to embitter.


envenom; acerbate; resent;


wish; like;

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