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familiarised Meaning in Bengali

 অভ্যস্ত করান, সুপরিচিত করান,



familiarised's Usage Examples:

for the Blind of Greece to allow visually impaired people to become familiarised with the cultural heritage of Greece.

then kicked the winning penalty against Bath just a month later as he familiarised himself with English rugby’s top tier.

also known for his large nude figures, a subject matter that he had familiarised himself with in Italy.

nationwide two-week holiday camps during which the high school pupils are familiarised with regions of Poland along with their cultural and scientific wealth.

This technique was familiarised by D.

He familiarised himself with speed sketching while on the move, which he then developed.

century, the Viking raids brought them into contact with cultures well familiarised with the use of coins in economies of Europe, hence influencing the Vikings.

Sirdar later sat on the bottom for six hours while the ASDIC boats familiarised themselves with the identification of a submarine sitting on the bottom.

trained to conduct policing work in confined and crowded spaces, and are familiarised with the MRT system's operations.

slumped for a short while, but soon picked up as the squadron became familiarised with its new role.

While in Spain, he also familiarised himself with the philosophical and political treatises of the Andalusian.

Dröscher quickly familiarised himself with the theory and so was able to ensure that Volume II of Heim's.

There he got familiarised with the governance of the society.

The outgoing US crew familiarised the incoming British crew over the few days prior to the turnover ceremony.

prepare for the role, he went to roadside eateries in Ramapuram and familiarised himself in the lifestyle of settlers.

The use of détournement by Barbara Kruger familiarised many with the technique, and it was extensively and effectively used.

Sullivan's 1888 comic opera The Yeomen of the Guard, set at the Tower, has familiarised people throughout the English-speaking world with the Tower for over.

amateur photographer, being an early user of the dry-plate process, and he familiarised Hall-Edwards with photographic techniques.

concept made the gameplay cumbersome and difficult to master: "Once you've familiarised yourself with the method it's a lot less hassle, but there are still.

He studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, where he familiarised himself with the North Italian style, and this was the origin of his.


familiarized; oriented; orientated; adjusted;


disorienting; unaltered; maladjusted; unadjusted; unoriented;

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