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familiarise Meaning in Bengali

 অভ্যস্ত করান, সুপরিচিত করান,


সুপরিচিত করান, অভ্যস্ত করান,

familiarise's Usage Examples:

For most new ships, the major reasons are to familiarise a crew with a new vessel and to ensure all of the ship's systems are.

actual hybrids are very likely to be less handleable, less willing to familiarise themselves with dogs, and more likely to kill their quarry outright rather.

Grant claims to have read the original novel six times to familiarise himself fully with the source material, and decided to use as much of.

Development Kit (SDK) allowing engineers, university students, and others to familiarise themselves with the new processor's concepts and features.

The museum also has a yellow submarine, which can be used to familiarise oneself with piloting a submarine, and a full-scale replica of a World.

Clifton James, who spent a short time with Montgomery to familiarise himself with the general's mannerisms.

The scope of these kits is primarily to familiarise the citizens of a nation that is going to join the eurozone with the.

Watch out for Currents: It's better to familiarise yourself with rips and currents pertaining to the surf spot by asking.

A week before the launch, astronauts trained in the spacecraft to familiarise themselves with its systems.

political activist Karel Janeček and his think tank Institute H21, used to familiarise voters with a proposed system to select a presidential candidate for.

press for creating a Minecraft version of the academy to help people familiarise themselves with the building during the COVID-19 pandemic in the United.

To start the game, both players have to familiarise themselves with each of the 12 smells involved, instead of the more normal.

known as Fähnrich undertook a 16-week training course which aimed to familiarise the officer candidates with the nuances and workings of a Panzer, and.

"James Husband: Five facts to help familiarise yourself with Boro's new signing".

The Project was an initiative to familiarise them with one of the most influential poets of the 15th century and spark.

warships, the shakedown period extends post-commissioning as the new crew familiarise themselves with the ship and with operating together as a single unit.

test exercise was flown over the OVERLORD invasion fleet on June 1, to familiarise the ships' crews with the markings, but for security reasons, orders.

described George Wombwell's travelling menagerie as "[having] done more to familiarise the minds of the masses of our people with the denizens of the forest.

rank of Fähnrich undertook a 16-week training course which aimed to familiarise the officer candidates with the nuances and workings of a Panzer, and.

It was created to familiarise Sumy citizens and guests with modern art.


present; reacquaint; get into; familiarize; acquaint; inform; introduce; verse; orient;


end; phase out; unplug; detach; disorient;

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