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ogee Meaning in Bengali

একটি ঢালাই যে (বিভাগে

ogee's Usage Examples:

An ogee (/oʊˈdʒiː/ /ˈoʊdʒiː/) is the name given to objects, elements, and curves—often seen in architecture and building trades—that have been variously.

These are usually designed following an ogee curve.

The ogee delta (or ogival delta) used on the Anglo-French Concorde Mach 2 airliner.

6 metres) to top of the ogee cap.

north and south bays are rose windows, other windows are represented as ogee arches.

wave-like cross-section), a type of common edge profile commonly referred to as ogee.

This square tower with an octagonal lantern and facetted ogee dome was designed by Christopher Wren and built 1681–82.

curve (used in modeling systems that saturate at large values of x) and the ogee curve (used in the spillway of some dams).

Together with the ogee arch, capped with a relief ornament, and ropework reliefs, these are the.

[further explanation needed] The tower was topped with a white ogee cap which has been removed.

three pairs of French windows open on to verandah with iron balustrade and ogee roof.

Imperial Diversion Dam (National ID # CA10159) is a concrete slab and buttress, ogee weir structure across the California/Arizona border, 18 miles (29 km) northeast.

Towards the rear of the building there is a tower with an ogee cap.

medieval lettering on a name plaque between the second and third floors, and ogee arches on some windows.

The round arch entrances were below ogee-arched moldings.

The painting is a straight-sided ogee frame with sculpted Rococo corners and shallow-relief details, collected.

ogee's Meaning':

a molding that (in section

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