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ogees Meaning in Bengali

একটি ঢালাই যে (বিভাগে

ogees's Usage Examples:

There is extensive use of ogees.

As well as in the west window of the nave, ogees feature in two south windows of the nave, one south.

There is a three-light west window and a four-light east window with cusped ogees.

the Baptist parish church: Decorated Gothic recess in the chancel with ogees, cusps and crockets St.

Decorated Gothic east window is 14th-century and has reticulated tracery with ogees.

9 m) below the foundation of the ogees.

Second Pointed (14th century) saw Intersecting tracery elaborated with ogees, creating a complex reticular (net-like) design known as Reticulated tracery.

profile elements such as fillets, coves, bullnoses, thumbnails ovolos, ogees, etc.

The mullions bend in slight ogees as they meet the oculus, and ogees occur again as the heads of the external lights merge with.

Use of ogees was especially common.

Design details of the bridge Decorative rings and ogees between the structural ribs of the bridge suggest that the final design.

round three sides of the chapel is an arcade of richly decorated 'nodding ogees', with Purbeck marble pillars, creating scooped out seating booths.

Decorated tracery that is beginning to show an elongation of form, and ogees in the lesser lights that are characteristic of Flowing Decorated tracery.

1530, combined three-dimensional forms such as nodding ogees with a miniaturized vocabulary of niches, baldachins, and pinnacles to produce.

on the front have composite jambs, chamfered surrounds rising to false ogees, and deep lintels; the left lintel is dated.

ogees's Meaning':

a molding that (in section

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