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sickeningly Meaning in Bengali

sickeningly's Usage Examples:

Even the open elevator on the every skyscraper is enough to make Donald sickeningly dizzy, high up the roofless top-floor without railings the work is spooky.

I didn’t want my main character to be sappy and sickeningly sweet.

this little picture is fast, tough, tight, sickeningly real to watch and wonderfully well put together.

MacHome praised the game for not being as "sickeningly sweet" as it could have been.

every few minutes and thinking, 'Dear God, is this ever going to end?' A sickeningly bad pastiche of much better pictures – It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle.

executive for the Glomco corporation, and uses propaganda to turn Gwar into sickeningly cuddly cartoon characters.

Udovitch said that Phair sounds "bogus," while PopMatters called the song "sickeningly effervescent.

exciting series without making this group seem either utterly insane or sickeningly corny?.

out of place sitting atop your computer screen at work", but also "so sickeningly cute that thoughts turn to the business end of a hammer drill".

York Post gave the film zero stars out of four, describing it as a "sickeningly violent and inane movie" and complaining that it is a bad rip-off of.

"No more sickeningly melancholy I love yous".

wrote that it "still holds up as one of the most excruciatingly honest, sickeningly sludgy expressions of post-hardcore circa the early 21st century.

waited on hand and foot by his beautiful niece, Laura, who is almost sickeningly sweet.

like 'yonnai' in mayonnaise) in the Japanese version, intended to be "[sickeningly] cutesy.

(according to Q) remembered his University years as something "almost sickeningly idyllic: lots of doing mushrooms in the woods, not a hard graft in the.

October 1960, Time magazine was calling This Is Your Life "the most sickeningly sentimental show on the air"; it cited a May 1960 episode on "Queens.

Arcade awarded it four out of five stars, calling it "compulsively, sickeningly playable" and writing that, in comparison to other Puzzle Quest games.

Basichis chose opera because he knew it had a reputation for being "sickeningly intellectual" and "preoccupied with murder", traits that he felt suited.


disgustingly; revoltingly; distastefully;

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