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sickens Meaning in Bengali

 পীড়িত করান, পীড়িত হত্তয়া, বমনেচ্ছা বোধ করা,


বমনেচ্ছা বোধ করা, পীড়িত হত্তয়া, পীড়িত করান,

sickens's Usage Examples:

the last gasps of a society so lost in its escapism that it sickens you and makes you sympathetic to a revolutionary solution.

Harold's Pilgrimage: And ever since that martial synod met, Britannia sickens, Cintra! at thy name; And folks in office at the mention fret, And fain.

Pneumonia is a preventable and treatable disease that sickens 155 million children under 5 and kills 1.

John's wife, who has taken care of him, sickens and dies.

journey, and although she finds a home with the help of a schoolmaster, she sickens and dies before her friends in London find her.

His brother Danny sickens and dies after being visited by Ralphie, who has become a vampire.

"Chlorine gas leak at plant sickens 70 in southeast Iran".

Pocahontas then sickens and dies, spending her last hours wishing to return to her native home.

intentions; there is one attempt to murder him with a poisoned gumdrop (it sickens one of his police guards instead), and another to have him destroy the.

has to leave, and although he has promised fidelity and to return, she sickens.

hard to ignore his growing feelings for the demon, especially when Raoul sickens because he does not have sex, which is food to his kind.

coli outbreak sickens 24 in 15 states".

At this time, his wife's child sickens and eventually dies, but the urgent telegrams to Sadazo are discarded by.

Arnoldo, however, sickens in sympathy with his wife, and Hippolita, still in love with him, is forced.

Want movie misogyny? Look no further: Aussie footy film Blinder sickens by Luke Buckmaster, 4 Mar 2013 Official website v t e.


repulse; scandalise; churn up; disgust; repel; revolt; appal; outrage; appall; shock; offend; nauseate; scandalize;


stay; end; sell; lose; attract;

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