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The art of conducting and resisting sieges is called siege warfare, siegecraft, or poliorcetics.

The siege of Sevastopol is one of the last classic sieges of all time.

The siege of Budapest was one of the bloodiest sieges of World War II.

The blockade became one of the longest and most destructive sieges in history, and it was possibly the costliest siege in history due to the.

After capturing the frontier towns of Almeida and Ciudad Rodrigo in earlier sieges, Wellington's army moved south to Badajoz to capture this frontier town.

Yet despite the Spanish government's opposition to major sieges in the Low Countries and the obstacles confronting any attack on such a.

Djerba Battle of Lepanto Battle of Preveza List of Ottoman sieges and landings List of sieges Siege of Rhodes (1480) Siege of Rhodes (1522) At least two.

Besieged: 100 great sieges from Jericho to Sarajevo, Oxford University Press, USA ISBN 0-19-521930-9.


besieging; encirclement; military blockade; beleaguering; blockade;



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