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stepfathers Meaning in Bengali

 বিপিতা, সতবাপ,

পরবর্তী বিবাহ করে আপনার মায়ের স্বামী


সতবাপ, বিপিতা,

stepfathers শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

নন্দিনী ক্রিশকে বিয়ে করেন,এবং জানতে পারেন যে ক্রিশের বিপিতা, অভয়ারম (বিনীত কুমার চৌধুরী) তার প্রাক্তন স্বামী কুমার ছাড়া অন্য কেউ নয় ।

stepfathers's Usage Examples:

common in literature than evil stepmothers, there are also cases of evil stepfathers, such as in the fairy tales The Gold-Bearded Man (in a plot usually featuring.

15 of the 29 killers – 52% – were stepfathers.

His stepfathers included actor Cary Grant and Prince Igor Troubetzkoy.

The book also focuses on one of the victim's stepfathers and his possible connection with the murders.

He took the surname of one of his stepfathers, William Karman.

addict after being introduced to drugs at the age of eleven by one of her stepfathers, losing two children and dying in prison at the age of 28 from a brain.

rape of every kind; not just by strangers but by husbands, fathers and stepfathers.

In 1918 he became the mechanic of his stepfathers friend, opera singer Giuseppe Campari (1892–1933) who won at Mugello.

Its US Library of Congress Subject Headings are remarriage, stepfathers, and horror stories.

They had one son, Allen, who took his stepfathers last name.

father died when Bradley was eight years old, so he was raised by Jewish stepfathers and an uncle; he would say in jest that his "aspiration is to become.

much greater risk of violence and filicide (murder of a child) from stepfathers compared to a genetic father.

[Father figures] may include such individuals as adoptive fathers, stepfathers, older brothers, teachers and others.

of the research available shows more of the abuse coming from stepfathers.

His father and stepfathers don't have time to look after their own children.

"The Cinderella effect: are stepfathers dangerous?".

Charles Lechmere had a "broken home" growing up, having had two stepfathers and never knowing his real father.

He had several stepfathers, one of whom would lock him in his room for hours after hitting him.

stepfathers's Meaning':

the husband of your mother by a subsequent marriage


father figure; father surrogate; stepparent;


woman; child;

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