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stepdaughters Meaning in Bengali

সাবেক বিবাহ করে আপনার পত্নী একটি মেয়ে



stepdaughters's Usage Examples:

(Television Director, "The Big Bang Theory") and Robert Rich; three stepdaughters, Megan Lewis, Kimberly Beres, and Dana Benton; and eight grandchildren.

He also has two stepdaughters, Tallulah and Ruby, from Lund's previous marriage to Lord Antony Rufus.

November 2005 to widowed businessman Kim Seong-taek, and one of her two stepdaughters is Kim Hyeon-jin.

He has two daughters; Daniel and Rachael and two stepdaughters Emma and Victoria.

With his second wife he had two stepdaughters, Linda and Leslie LeMieux.

He was a native of Castor, Alberta, and has seven children, and two stepdaughters, including former MLA Brian C.

Northumberland in December 1839 with his wife, two stepsons and two stepdaughters and settled on a property on the Mosquito Plains, near Naracoorte.

She has two sons; two stepdaughters and three grandchildren and lives in Amsterdam.

time of his death was married to Jeanette Ballard and also had two stepdaughters.

He has two sons, a cohabitant and two stepdaughters.

stepdaughters's Meaning':

a daughter of your spouse by a former marriage





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