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steradians's Usage Examples:

onto a circle, gives a length on the circumference, a solid angle in steradians, projected onto a sphere, gives an area on the surface.

an object that blocks all rays from the apex would cover a number of steradians equal to the total surface area of the unit sphere, 4 π {\displaystyle.

degree being equal to π/180 radians, a square degree is equal to (π/180)2 steradians (sr), or about 1/3283 sr or 3.

1 spat is equal to 4π steradians or approximately 41253 square degrees of solid angle (sequence A125560.

constellations is the total solid angle of the sky, which is exactly 4π steradians, or 4π × (180/π)2 = 129,600/π square degrees, or approximately 41,252.

factor π {\displaystyle \pi } (which really should have the units of steradians) is a result of the fact that intensity is defined to exclude the effect.

the first detector to uniformly cover as much of the 4π steradians (units of solid angle) around the interaction point as possible with different.

038 steradians, just less than that of Corona Australis.

The BRDF has units sr−1, with steradians (sr) being a unit of solid angle.

(This is expressed in the name: there are 4π steradians in a sphere, just as there are 360 degrees in a circle.

furthermore, film formats such as Omnimax did not cover the full two pi steradians of the dome surface, leaving a section of the dome blank (though, due.

the fact that such detectors are designed to cover nearly all of the 4π steradians of solid angle around the interaction point; in terms of the standard.

3×10−21 W/molecule (over 4π steradians).

, the solid angle of a complete sphere measured in steradians 4Pi Reprap controller Hermetic detector (also called a 4π detector) This.

A=\Omega r^{2}} where Ω is the solid angle of the spherical sector in steradians, the SI unit of solid angle.

steradian fully coded, three steradians partially coded; by comparison, the full sky solid angle is 4π or about 12.

6 steradians).

A full sphere has a solid angle of 4π steradians, so a light source that uniformly radiates one candela in all directions.

over 4π steradians), it will have an intensity of I V = 1700   lm 4 π   sr ≈ 135   lm/sr.

derived unit W cm−2 sr−1 µm−1, or watts divided by centimeters squared, steradians, and micrometers.

40 mW, since there are 4π steradians in a sphere.


angular unit; sr; sphere;


natural object; zenith; nadir; antapex;

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