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steriliser's Usage Examples:

silicone as well as other patented innovations such a steam and microwave steriliser and piston-free breast Pump.

"Microwave steriliser to disintegrate novel Coronavirus.

microwave, dishwasher, panini (sandwich) toaster, hot water still and water steriliser.

Hospital Chapel in memory of Buck and later raised funds towards a new steriliser for the hospital.

compact T5, T8, PL lamps or metal halide lighting, protein skimmer, UV steriliser, 3 or more stage filtration, a heater and a water pump or powerhead.

Schimmelbusch's steam steriliser.

Oxy had been using polyhexamethylene guanidine (PHMG) in a humidifier steriliser product called Oxy Ssak Ssak.

Oxidizers Potassium permanganate; user as an industrial disinfectant and steriliser Pyrophorics White phosphorus Carcinogens Benzene; feed-stock for many.

included an extremely early automatic steam driven bottle washer and steriliser.

technique was at an early stage of development when he designed and built a steriliser for surgical dressings.

He also introduced the steam steriliser to sterilize equipment.

A steriliser was installed along with 25 military beds, bedding, blankets and other.


autoclave; digester; vessel; sterilizer; pressure cooker;

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