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sterilised শব্দের বাংলা অর্থ এর উদাহরণ:

পরীক্ষা করা হতে পারে এবং প্রান্তিক নারী ও রূপান্তরিত নারীকে জোরপূর্বক নির্বীজিত করা হতে পারে ।

আবিষ্কার এবং যাজক নৈপুণ্য শনাক্ত করা হবে; এবং মানুষ এক ঈশ্বরের বিশুদ্ধ, নির্বীজিত এবং ভেজালহীন বিশ্বাস ফিরে আসবে, আর আর ।

শুষ্ক মৌসুমে প্রতিবছর, শুকনো জলের নির্বীজিত সরবরাহের দাবিতে মানুষ ঢাকার রাস্তায় বিক্ষোভ প্রদর্শন করে ।

আর্লিচ বলেছিলেনঃ "বছরের সেরা মাতা হওয়া উচিত একজন নির্বীজিত ও দুইজন পালিত সন্তানের অধিকারী নারীর ।

দিতে সহায়তা করার জন্য একটি স্বতন্ত্র চেহারা দিয়েছিলেন: পর্বত দুর্গটি নির্বীজিত এবং শীতল প্রদর্শিত হয়, হোটেল হলওয়েগুলিতে উজ্জ্বল রঙ রয়েছে এবং ভ্যানে ।

sterilised's Usage Examples:

Polypropylene is more commonly used to form containers which are further sterilised by autoclaving as polypropylene has greater thermostability.

25 ml of sterilised fluid from hydatid cysts/human cyst and sterilised by Seitz filtration on forearm and equal volume.

entière liquide 22 to 40% UHT sterilised (in France, a cream can't legally be called "fraîche" if it has been UHT sterilised).

"Japan says transgender people must be sterilised".

specific minerals resources of local and national importance and are not sterilised by non-mineral development" Despite the strategic national significance.

with the customer's body are made of medical-grade plastic, which is sterilised at the time of manufacture and stored in sealed packaging that is only.

current products include growing up milk, UHT milk, pasteurised milk, sterilised milk, family powdered milk, low fat and 0% fat drinking yoghurt, and low.

He imagines a world where all male children are sterilised shortly after birth, except for those carefully selected.

Their tests also confirmed that the Egyptians had sterilised the body and entrails using date palm wine as an antiseptic, confirming.

addicts be paid to get sterilised?".

"Drug addict sterilised for cash - but can Barbara.

He was the earliest advocate of sterilised gloves.

During 1935 or 1936 Hauck was sterilised under the Nazi racial purity measures.

underground facility for storing ammunition requires 90% less land to be sterilised when compared with a traditional above-ground ammunition depot of similar.


The three women applicants had been sterilised.

The park provides sterilised, cold weather clothing to allow visitors to cope with the sub-zero temperature.

Anthony Hailwood (4 July 1838 – 24 June 1922) was the first person to sell sterilised milk in the United Kingdom.

County Londonderry for the manufacture of roller and spray dried powders, sterilised cream, butter and other products, and in 1951, the plant was expanded.

before discharging it into a public sewer system Examples of liquids sterilised in an EDS include the shower water from personnel decontamination rooms.


infertile; sterilized; sterile; unfertile;


potent; infertility; fruitful; productive; fertile;

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