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Other suffixed Interstates include I-69C, I-69E and I-69W in South Texas, and I-480N in.

This is a list of suffixed state highways in the U.

There are three suffixed routes of Saskatchewan Highway 16 in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan: The Yorkton segment of Highway 16A is about 5 km (3 mi.

A 𒄭𒀀(suffixed), plural ḪUR.

SAG 𒄯𒊕 "mountain" ÍD 𒀀𒇉 "river" IM 𒅎 "clay" ITU 𒌚 "month" KAM 𒄰 (suffixed), numerals KI 𒆠 (suffixed), in some.

clans suffixed their family names after their proper names for instance Katoch Rajas suffixed Chandra, Chambials suffixed Varman, Suketias suffixed Sen.

’ Word classes that are usually not suffixed are responses, exclamations, attention particles, vocative particles, conjunctions.

Usage differs from style or citation guides as to whether ibid should be suffixed with a full stop.

There are four current and two former suffixed routes of Highway 97 in British Columbia, Canada.

It is not to be confused with Latin suffixed Michaelston-super-Ely (Cardiff) or Welsh suffixed Michaelstone-y-Fedw (Newport).

pronouns are suffixed to prepositions.

' translates to, 'I will go with you' The possessive pronouns in Noon are suffixed to a name.

state routes in New York; however, a letter ("U" or "I", respectively) is suffixed to the number of the route.

independent pronouns can occur in the genitive or accusative but are suffixed with a /-t/.

clans suffixed their family names after their proper names for instance Katoch rajas suffixed Chandra.

Chambials suffixed Varman, Suketias suffixed Sen.

same in Hungarian as that of the Italian city of Venice, though they are suffixed differently: "in Velence" is Velencén, while Velencében refers to the Italian.

Gunness railway station, later suffixed "and Burringham", is a former railway station in Gunness, Lincolnshire.

Nouns can be suffixed by possessive markers.

For example, lima 'hand' can be suffixed by the first person singular possessive.

Haida has a partitive article (suffixed -gyaa) referring to "part of something or.

to which the -wi of the Achumawi or Pit River language was erroneously suffixed.


termination; postfix; ending; affix;


activation; continuance; continuation; monetization; detach;

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