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suffocatingly's Usage Examples:

roof, and an outside flight of stairs leading to the second story, suffocatingly embowered in a tangle of ivy so dense that one cannot but imagine it.

latter body observed that "the film presents in uncritical fashion a suffocatingly materialistic and amoral environment, has offensive jokes at the expense.

considers the live version on Biograph "immediately superior", due to the "suffocatingly bad production" on Shot of Love.

surrounded by insects and animals, setting the scene of a lush, but suffocatingly dense jungle.

dialog from the movie, writing that the show's creators had "hewed suffocatingly close to the film’s story, gags and dialogue.

Just as much as Erika's mother is suffocatingly present, so is her father noticeably absent.

commented: If We of the Never Never sounds simple, old-fashioned and as suffocatingly noble as its heroine, it is.

Marian McLoughlin portrays Brenda Jacks, Gaynor's mum Brenda is by turns suffocatingly fond and sourly judgemental - she can't quite forgive her daughter for.

Stewart Mason thought that it was "not nearly as suffocatingly slick" as Stone's previous albums, but questioned its commercial success.

go away but James reportedly became obsessed with Windsor and became suffocatingly possessive of her to the extent that during the Carry On London! tour.

of Senses of Cinema as being "subtly shaded, eerily translucent, and suffocatingly dreamlike.

second annual ReLit Awards, the small world of Canadian poetry felt suffocatingly close".

The family also has lent its name to "le goût Rothschild," a suffocatingly glamorous style of interior decoration whose elements include neo-Renaissance.

Higgins of The Line of Best Fit lauded Psychodrama as "a record that's suffocatingly intense", concluding: "Psychodrama isn't an album to stand up and rejoice.

Howard is besotted with Nina, gives her suffocatingly saccharine pet names (such as Brisket, Butterbean, Munchkin, Pudding.

tribute to a time when soul music was molasses thick (Alaga style) and suffocatingly personal.

Shakespearean text unintelligible, and director Franco Zeffirelli's production suffocatingly elaborate.

Loos: The goggles rapidly dimmed over, and the air came through in such suffocatingly small quantities as to demand a continuous exercise of will-power on.

Milly confided in Anna that she found Rachel almost suffocatingly "nice".

militaristic and precise, but in Madge's too-capable hands it's also suffocatingly professional.

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