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suffocates Meaning in Bengali

 শ্বাসরোধ করা, শ্বাসরোধ হত্তয়া,


শ্বাসরোধ হত্তয়া, শ্বাসরোধ করা,

suffocates's Usage Examples:

coli, and it can become a blanket that suffocates the marine life below.

She is not discovered by her family and friends, and suffocates or dies of thirst.

Arturo brags about his success, but Gus suddenly leaps on Arturo and suffocates him with a plastic bag.

However, seeing her beloved husband's suffering prolonged ad infinitum, she suffocates her baby, to emerge, after a year of repentance and making her peace with.

Caitlyn's baby seat has been completely destroyed in the accident, Tony suffocates the injured Chris and is finally rid of his troublesome nephew.

Cutters' house and throws her down her basement stairs, then suffocates her.

suspenseful thriller with a very subtle faith thread that enriches rather than suffocates the story.

Unfortunately, she wields her wands far too frequently and suffocates her characters before they've had a chance to earn our sympathies.

The Freak is killed when Spawn suffocates him with insects that were created when Spawn took The Freak's inner evils.

"Alabama suffocates Clemson in dominant Sugar Bowl victory to set up all-SEC title game".

that is buried in concrete, and must figure out what happened before he suffocates.

"Tunnel collapse suffocates businesses".

With further uterine contractions the baby suffocates.

Brody then bludgeons Akbari in the head with a crystal ash tray, and suffocates him while he is unconscious.

Davis quietly suffocates Silveria and leaves.

driver, Leroy Kent calls an ambulance while a mysterious man arrives and suffocates her to death before disappearing.

underwater ahead of the target ship, releasing a cloud of poison gas that suffocates the crew of the ship carrying the uranium.

The monument406 suffocates because of encroachment of residential buildings from three sides.

"Woman suffocates in 'menstruation hut'".


cover; smother; kill; asphyxiate; stifle;


precede; linger; ride; ascend; uncover;

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