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sugarplums Meaning in Bengali


চিনি বরই,

sugarplums's Usage Examples:

hung little nets cut out of colored paper, and each net was filled with sugarplums; and among the other boughs gilded apples and walnuts were suspended,.

this queue to 7th Avenue South, where he had his room, and visions of sugarplums started dancing in his head.

She later is haunted by "visions of sugarplums" and is relieved when Charlie Brown tells her they are simply a type of.

bitter), as it knows afterwards (when it comes to speak) that wormwood and sugarplums are not the same thing.

and pleasant little staff appointments which may be considered as the sugarplums in that honorable gâteau de plomb, a solider's life.


confect; candy;


disassemble; sour;

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