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abhorred Meaning in Bengali

 ঘৃণাসহকারে পরিহার করা,


ঘৃণাসহকারে পরিহার করা,

abhorred's Usage Examples:

(Δυσνομία; "lawlessness"), imagined by Hesiod among the daughters of "abhorred Eris" ("Strife"), is the daemon of "lawlessness", who shares her nature.

equality of women and refused to 'embrace' their sexuality; some even abhorred the idea of men and would often take on physical characteristics and persona.

excellent fancy; he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.

The 1971 report stated that educators "abhorred" Sesame Street, while parents and young children viewed it more positively.

peaceful people of Lexington, forced "to go into a way of war that they abhorred.

While Americans abhorred Kaczynski's violence, his manifesto expressed ideas that continue to be.

According to popular legend, he abhorred violence, showing courtesy to his victims and chivalry to their womenfolk.

Rhodes abhorred any mechanically made items (such as hinges for windows) in the house and.

he was intended to just be a neighbor who was very nice, but whom Homer abhorred.

Stygne (Ancient Greek: Στύγνη means "hated, abhorred"), in Greek mythology, was one of the Danaïdes, daughter of Danaus and Polyxo.

described as "a photo-book of New York with the female caricatures that Parker abhorred or despised, notably idle bourgeois ladies, who were the object of patriarchal.

scholar and a man of exceptional character, he shunned the limelight and abhorred any reverence or treatment as a Rebbe.

Criticism was an activity "at which he excelled but which he abhorred".

Anglo-Indian community, where it is considered a delicacy despite being abhorred as taboo by both parent cultures.

King Jamie carried this prejudice to England, and is known to have abhorred pork almost as much as he did tobacco.

"star worshippers", a belief that both Jews and their Christian censors abhorred.

A large monument (normally abhorred by Quakers) now marks the Newark Union Burial Ground, land which he donated.

"evil" to King Solomon after gathering together a "marauding band"; Hadad "abhorred Israel and reigned over Aram (Syria)".

organization which envisions a progressive government where corruption is abhorred and public accountability prevails.


execrate; loathe; abominate; detest; hate;


bed; like; benevolence; philogyny; love;

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