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abjectly Meaning in Bengali

  দুঃখজনকভাবে , শোচনীয়ভাবে



abjectly's Usage Examples:

As of 2008, over 17% of the total population was found abjectly living below the poverty line while the unemployment rate, as of 2010,.

Eastern-influenced melody extremely heavy on the minor chords, a lyric abjectly pining for a woman's love, and adroit integration of several contrasting.

had with Google Maps since… well, possibly ever" despite the admittedly abjectly grim nature of the subject.

In such an environment, it was impossible for the Athenians abjectly to worship a form of government, demokratia, even after they had made it.

prosperity had hosts of friends, but for several years before his death he was abjectly poor, and at one time almost blind, though later his sight was partially.

Fane abjectly apologised to the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (NZAF) and New Zealand Jewish.

Yielding to the pressures of the implacable Kemalists, the victorious Allies abjectly discarded the two-year-old S~vres Treaty,26 through which they had attempted.

theatres — but does that mean Sean Foley should let members of his cast go so abjectly into steamhammer and/or megaphone mode? … You can just about see Pinter's.

At Nuovo Vesuvio, Ralphie abjectly apologizes to Tony for all his past behavior, including his killing of.

Strasbourg, he was trembling and struck dumb with terror, and then cast himself abjectly at Julian's feet, imploring his mercy in frenzied convulsions of remorse.

The innings ended rather abjectly on the third morning, only 44 further runs being made in 50 minutes.

was butchered after being insultingly paraded through the local theater, abjectly begging for his life while his wife was tortured to death by her servants.

The Emperor, abjectly grateful, not only confirmed the bishop of Rome as the primate above all.

"False" a claim by Occupy Democrats that "Republican Congress members had abjectly failed to applaud Biden’s stated goal of drastically reducing the rate.

Later, a guilt-ridden Thomas abjectly apologizes to Stryker for his dereliction of duty.

charity's purpose as insufficiently perceptible within the soul itself or abjectly indifferent in relationship with the needs of others and their satisfaction.

He arrives in great dejection, tells the truth, and abjectly turns to leave.

of invention — and the possibility of pleasurable fantasy — it had too abjectly surrendered to the cult of the machine.

“[a]lthough noble, Parham’s mission to return the captured she-wolf to Mexico is abjectly flawed .

a devil with women, admired by his superiors, hated by his rivals, and abjectly feared by his subordinates.



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