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abjure Meaning in Bengali

 শপথপূর্বক পরিত্যাগ করা


শপথপূর্বক পরিত্যাগ করা,

abjure's Usage Examples:

Ottoman Sultan for having baptized a converted Muslim, and after refusing to abjure his own Christian faith.

charged with treason by the Ottoman Sultan and hanged, after refusing to abjure his own Christian faith.

unable to persuade them to abjure their faith, condemned them to various tortures.

Despite the torture, the saints refused to abjure.

Requirements to abjure (renounce) the temporal and spiritual authority of the pope and transubstantiation.

of how he suffered interrogation from the prefect Probus and refused to abjure his faith; and was put to death outside of the city walls by being burnt.

remain loyal to the Crown, pay a rent and follow English laws and customs, abjure the Roman Catholic Church, and convert to Henry's new Anglican Church.

by Jesuit priests, he was converted to Protestantism in 1682 and came to abjure popery, and published Protestancy proved Safer than Popery (1686).

When they were arrested a second time, they refused to abjure Christianity and were burned to death.

When she refused to abjure, her father condemned her to death in the arena.

(present-day Szombathely, Hungary), where after attempting to make Quirinus abjure his faith, he had the bishop thrown into the local Gyöngyös River with a.

described itself as a 'movement' rather than a political party (members had to abjure membership of any political group), the Sangkum retained control of the.

States Constitution because it did not give individuals the opportunity to abjure membership in subversive organizations.

In 1661 he was restored to his former dignities, but his refusal to abjure the covenant compelled him to resign them two years later.

In the presence of the emperor, the three saints refused to abjure their faith, and were tossed into a chamber filled with snakes and scorpions.

gives the Darkovans a way out of this trap through a moral agreement to abjure any weapons that do not place the users within arms' reach of each other.

Five priests are recorded as being at the hanging to encourage him to abjure.

11-13 God sovereign, therefore should be trusted 14-18 Muslims exhorted to abjure worldly ties and to devote themselves to God The surah opens with a description.

Victoria's husband begged her to abjure her faith and to think of her young children but she refused.

a theatre away from Times Square, that would host a permanent company, abjure the star system (players would be listed alphabetically), produce four or.


recant; disown; renounce; resile; repudiate; forswear; retract;


claim; take office; admit; accept; repel;

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