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abhors Meaning in Bengali

 ঘৃণাসহকারে পরিহার করা,


ঘৃণাসহকারে পরিহার করা,

abhors's Usage Examples:

physics, horror vacui, or plenism (/ˈpliːnɪzəm/), commonly stated as "nature abhors a vacuum", is a postulate attributed to Aristotle, who articulated a belief.

Hennon believed that nature abhors a vacuum and therefore no natural void was possible, though God could create.

evolved into the patron divinity of friendship, and because he is "friend", abhors all violence, even when sacred.

In physics, horror vacui reflects Aristotle's idea that "nature abhors an empty space.

The title is a reversal of the phrase "Nature abhors a vacuum".

positive pressure Plenism, or Horror vacui (physics) the concept that "nature abhors a vacuum" Plenum (meeting), a meeting of a deliberative assembly in which.

other theologians, Hart is of the opinion that "theology, like nature, abhors a vacuum," in that theologizing is influenced by culture.

opposite personalities clash almost immediately; Opus dislikes her art, abhors her vegetarianism, and is horrified to learn that she has a tattoo of Dan.

The equitable maxim "equity abhors a vacuum" is followed: it is against principle for a piece of property to.

Torricelli, in 1647, he rebutted Aristotle's followers who insisted that nature abhors a vacuum.

brother's death, and finds smiling offensive, and yellow is "a colour she abhors, and cross garters a fashion she detests", according to Maria.

Finding herself the unwitting proponent of a political stance she abhors, Paula embarks on a decidedly offbeat one-woman vigilante crusade to bring.

unnamed 'Boy', a product of the English "sheltered life system" that Kipling abhors: "Let a puppy eat the soap in the bath-room or chew a newly-blacked boot.

"As nature abhors a vacuum, history abhors changes without origins, whether immediate or remote.

Ireland and its predecessor, Official Sinn Féin, he has since stated that he abhors Marxism.

India Shia Sunni scholars slam Delhi blasts, say Islam abhors terror, by Aamir Raza Husain Azadari in Delhi 10th Muhramme 1431: videos.

distinctive because it is a martial art practiced among a modern population that abhors killing.


execrate; loathe; abominate; detest; hate;


bed; like; benevolence; philogyny; love;

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