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barrow Meaning in Bengali

 এক চাকার বা দুই চাকার ছোট হাত ঘড়ি


মালবাহী ঠেলা-গাড়ি, ক্ষুদ্র শৈল,

barrow's Usage Examples:

Bank barrow Bell barrow Bowl barrow D-shaped barrow – round barrow with a purposely flat edge at one side often defined by stone slabs.

Disc barrow Fancy.

early 18th century, a barrow on the island of Munsö was claimed by antiquarians to be Björn Järnsidas hög or Björn Ironside's barrow.

Long barrows are a style of monument constructed across Western Europe in the fifth and fourth millennia BCE, during the Early Neolithic period.

A bowl barrow is a type of burial mound or tumulus.

A barrow is a mound of earth used to cover a tomb.

The bowl barrow gets its name from its resemblance.

A round barrow is a type of tumulus and is one of the most common types of archaeological monuments.

Morris's translation of the Grettis Saga, where haugbui is translated as "barrow-wight".


tumulus; mound; hill; burial mound; grave mound;


outfield; natural depression; push;

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