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The Meyboom plantation (or Meiboom in Dutch, "May tree" – a bastardisation of the Dutch tree of joy) is the oldest tradition in Brussels (Belgium), attested.

This bastardisation of Malay pangan offers vivid indication that the entire region was likely.

Hazing (American English), initiation (British English), bastardisation (Australian English), ragging (South Asia), or deposition, refers to any activity.

The origin of the term poutine is unclear, but it might be a bastardisation of "pudding"; râpé, -e is French for "grated".

a lot of explanations from locals trying to pass off the name as a bastardisation of 'Enter Course' and so on, but seeing as there are other local towns.

Alvin Patterson as a stage name, and acquired the nickname "Seeco" as a bastardisation of his birth name Francisco.

It is suspected that the name is a bastardisation of 'hertjesdag' (Deer Day).

after Gerry Walsh, a member of the academic staff, revealed details of bastardisation passed on to him by a student at the college.

Some Maori leaders thought it was "inappropriate" and a "bastardisation" of the traditional war cry, despite its popularity.

Some Māori leaders thought it was "inappropriate" and a "bastardisation" of haka.

According to Woodward, the name Ragaan was 'a bastardisation' of Pagaan, the ancient capital of Burma.

Ubaldi of Beat magazine described the cover as "grotesque dance pop bastardisation", while a writer for radio station 96.

notorious both for its long duration and for the fact that it involved the bastardisation of children without an accompanying Parliamentary divorce.

" In 2018, Currie clarified that 'Del Amitri' is a bastardisation of the name of a film producer who appeared in the closing credits of.


degradation; bastardization; debasement;



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