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bastardised's Usage Examples:

Jon English wrote on the album sleeve “Oh, by the way Dark Horses is a bastardised metaphor meaning loosely; Whatever is possible will be achieved by someone.

"New Weird America", where Keenan coined the phrase "free folk", later bastardised to include "freak folk" and "wyrd folk" and used to describe everyone.

prominent intellectual and educator, made a statement that Tajik was not a "bastardised dialect" of Persian.

Sungura is a bastardised Kenyan rumba and the singing to a certain degree emulates the "kanindo".

I'd forgotten about it, then played it in rehearsals, and this kind of bastardised Bo Diddley thing came out.

Cole condemned the House of Commons as being full of "bastardised Jewish swine".

(recording during 1976) for Roger’s lead vocals in "Pigs" and for the bastardised psalm on "Sheep", as well as for the treated barking sounds and other.

in 1978, Victor Gruen disavowed shopping mall developments as having "bastardised" his ideas: "I refuse to pay alimony for those bastard developments.

null and void, and the children (a son, Estcourt, and a daughter) were bastardised.

songs in a sheet of sub-Kevin Shields drone, drugged-up affectations and bastardised Bacharach melodies makes their pedestrian pop sound urgent, vital and.

further record sleeve work for Krush and Pop Will Eat Itself, for whom tDR bastardised the Pepsi logo to form the band's visual identity.

It is not known why the village's name was bastardised to Lavalla by the Australian school's leadership team.

regained his composure, lip curled and hip cocked ready to sing the next bastardised Elvis tune.

He had a son Edmund who was bastardised by the annulment.


bastardized; impure;


impurity; clean; pure;

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