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creaky Meaning in Bengali

 ক্যাঁচ্ক্যাঁচে শব্দকর, ক্যাঁচক্যাঁচে আওয়াজ করে এমন,


ক্যাঁচ্ক্যাঁচে শব্দকর,

creaky's Usage Examples:

In linguistics, creaky voice (sometimes called laryngealisation, pulse phonation, vocal fry, or glottal fry) is a special kind of phonation in which the.

The creaky-voiced glottal approximant is a consonant sound in some languages.

Glottalization of vowels and other sonorants is most often realized as creaky voice (partial closure).

modal and creaky voice.

There are three diphthongs which also occur modal and creaky.

) transcribe two tones: heavy and creaky respectively.

is sometimes realized as creaky voice.

It has been observed that "in place of a true stop, a very compressed form of creaky voice or some less extreme.

umlaut ◌̤), while Burmese has vowels with a partially tense phonation called creaky voice or laryngealized voice (transcribed in IPA with a subscript tilde.

may be plain ([a]), nasalized ([ã]), and creaky ([a̰]) and three of which /i a o/ may be both nasal and creaky ([ã̰]).

have tenseness in the glottis and pharynx without going so far as to be creaky voiced, whereas slack-voiced vowels are lax in the glottis without going.

Similarly, creaky vowels tend to confine their creakiness to the first part of the vowel, often with glottal closure.

creaky tone), except for numbers divisible by 100.

Numbers in the thousands place: shift from ထောင် ([tʰàʊɴ], low tone) to ထောင့် ([tʰa̰ʊɴ], creaky tone).

Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal plain creaky-voice plain creaky-voice plain creaky-voice plain creaky-voice Stop voiceless p t t͡ʃ k ʔ voiced b b̰.

Some languages have glottalized sonorants with creaky voice that pattern with ejectives phonologically, and other languages have.

perceive female creaky voice as hesitant, nonaggressive, and informal but also educated, urban-oriented.

Creaky tone and high tone both have distinctive phonations—creaky and breathy respectively.

nặng and huyền syllables are distinguished primarily by having a short creaky vowel, as opposed to a long breathy vowel.

In the January 2, 2013 episode on "creaky voice" in young females, Garfield criticized the phenomenon in emphatic.

It is short, creaky and ends with a glottal stop.


arthritic; rheumatic; rheumatoid; unhealthy; rheumy;


inhabited; diligent; undamaged; joyful; healthy;

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