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creaks Meaning in Bengali

 কড়্কড়্ শব্দ, ক্যাঁচ্ক্যাঁচ শব্দ,


ক্যাঁচ্ক্যাঁচ্ শব্দ করা, কড়্কড়্ শব্দ করা,

creaks's Usage Examples:

the blackbird spread its tail,  So that the sun may speckle,  While it creaks hail.

Its song is a succession of loud creaks and squawks, lower in pitch than other Hippolais warblers, and slower in.

aircraft and machinery noise, the sound of distant human movement and speech, creaks from thermal contraction, air conditioning and plumbing noises, fan and.

metal weathervane, shaped like a banner, on the top of the structure which creaks when it is turned by the wind.

(De rustico amnem transituro, 5) and 'The worse the wheel, the more it creaks' (De auriga et rota currus stridente, 84).

complainers, it was later linked with the proverb ‘the worst wheel always creaks most’ and aimed emblematically at babblers of all sorts.

gave the series 2/5 stars, calling it a "(C)heap-looking series (which) creaks and clunks along", and the best parts are the breaks for commercials.

consist of single creaks, small groups of creaks with comparatively long and often irregular inter-note intervals, and longer series of creaks.

the telephone and accepts the Telephone Girl's effusive thanks, the door creaks open – it is the masked thief! She tells the girl on the other end of the.

Hsiao-kang is hiding under the bed as they arrive, and he masturbates as the bed creaks above him.

Peli heard creaks and knocks in the night, which laid the groundwork for a film about a family.

Migliore and John Strysik write: "Even though the seams show, the plot creaks, and the acting clips in and out of reality, the makers of Cthulhu really.

" Sky Movies wrote "this one occasionally creaks under the strain of its longish running time but offers some striking tableaux.

"Steeple to be blasted after creaks heard".


make noise; noise; screak; screech; whine; skreak; squeak; resound;



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