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deceases Meaning in Bengali


আত্মীয়ের মৃতু্য,

deceases's Usage Examples:

this resort is known having medical effects such as curing deceases, especially skin deceases due to its temperature which is similar to that of therapy.

healing minerals in the natural spring within which are a cure to skin deceases.

After contact with Europeans they suffered from infectious deceases such as smallpox and had some of the greatest losses from it.

There is a lot of vegetation used for curing various deceases.

Navaldeh Koop - A well the water of which is believed to cure skin deceases.

court, Hiến Tông had to face with the first signs of decline such as the deceases of many important and experienced mandarins like Trần Nhật Duật (1330).

than 1,700,000 persons though mass executions, torture, starvation and deceases.

a foundation, Neye Fonden, which supports research in cancer and other deceases.

The wing pedestal slowly deceases in height rearwards above the fuselage, ending about halfway to the tail.

1816 - Felix Cossin deceases.

Julie Cossin inherits Chateau de Bois-Briand In 1816, Felix Cossin deceases.

It could be selected by the deceases’ close family member.

This oil was used to wash the deceases body, and then the body would be wrapped in clean cloth.


fatality; megadeath; release; human death; loss; expiry; modification; exit; expiration; departure; wrongful death; alteration; death; change; going; passing; martyrdom;


succeed; begin; stay; function; birth;

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