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the ability to consider opposing perspectives and find a compromise that defuses an interpersonal dispute, poor and working-class people are more likely.

further, asking both sides not to shoot each other while the situation defuses.

10 – Police defuses a limpet mine found on a petrol bowser at a fuel depot in East London.

The heroes hold off Maelstrom while Black Bolt intercepts and defuses a missile carrying the anti-Terrigen mist compound that is programmed to.

sexual harassment by using Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) as bait, but Pam defuses the scheme.

"Alabama's win defuses negatives in recruiting".

chimpanzee, Tamba, spots an obscure dynamite trap laid out for them; Jim defuses it.

Jack defuses the bomb with seconds to spare and turns to leave, swearing revenge.

He often walks into or defuses tense situations between Sydney and Vaughn.

He locates the bomb and defuses it at the last second.

After Jack successfully defuses the warheads, Christina warns him that the train itself will be used as.

Batman and Robin confront and defeat Two-Face, and Robin successfully defuses a bomb Harvey planted at the zoo.

sub-station in Glenwood, Durban is damaged by an explosion and police later defuses a second bomb found nearby.

After Gordon defuses a dangerous situation, Loeb, seeing that he cannot make Gordon quit willingly.

Christian defuses the situation by using their dominant/submissive dynamic, leaving Ana worried.

But Unnikrishnan successfully defuses the bomb, thereby saving the lives of hundreds.

Bran defuses tensions between Osha and Meera, and Jojen tells Bran his vision of Jon.

She comes to his bedroom one night, but he cunningly defuses the dangerous situation by asking her to divorce her husband and marry.

public about being sexually harassed by another one of their authors, Max defuses the situation by posting a "clit pic" to the press's Instagram account.


take; withdraw; remove; take away;


dock; burden; lodge; saddle; fuse;

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