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The development not only consist of paving the airport runway, but also defusing no fewer than 360 active bombs scattered in the airport area left by the.

author and the namesake of the "Schnellhardt compromise" aimed at the defusing of the "vodka war".

Objectives include winning races, saving swimmers, and defusing bombs.

the British Armed Forces, under which German soldiers with experience in defusing mines would be in charge of clearing the mine fields.

progression: defusing, debriefing, and followup.

A defusing is done the day of the incident before the person(s) has a chance to sleep.

The defusing is designed.

image in the wake of several violent clashes and ongoing biker wars, and defusing deadly feuds such as the Comancheros' battles with the Hells Angels.

Mervyn Haigh also favoured a central churchmanship approach, as a way of defusing tensions within their dioceses, and as a way of promoting a so-called "brand.

He was awarded the George Cross for his actions in defusing unexploded bombs and landmines during the Second World War.

has no positive thesis to contribute, but rather that its value is in defusing confusions in the linguistic and conceptual frameworks of other subjects.

His success as Governor in defusing a Teamsters strike prompted Roosevelt to bring him in as a negotiator to.

He displayed exceptional courage in defusing three mines under very difficult conditions between 8 and 19 May 1945,.

Shines Bright for Republic Pictures, this time including Judge Priest's defusing of the mob determined to lynch a young black character named Woodford.

out security operations in Dagestan in 1999 and was highly successful at defusing ethnic tensions in Karachay–Cherkessia.

to be continuously looped as a sound installation, with the intent of defusing the tense, anxious atmosphere of an airport terminal.

Skit 1: In an abandoned bank, MacGruber is repeatedly distracted from defusing the bomb by passive-aggressively lashing out at Isaac (Hill), before revealing.

resolution and conflict management methods, which focus on reducing or defusing outbreaks of hostility.


termination; deactivation; ending; conclusion;


beginning; continuance; continuation; monetization; activation;

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