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dishpan's Usage Examples:

The Frogman and Cayke's dishpan re-appear in Jeff Freedman's 1994 novel The Magic Dishpan of Oz.

delicious cookies she bakes in her diamond-studded gold dishpan.

Cayke knows that the dishpan has magic powers; she admits to the Frogman that without.

It was also known as the dishpan hat, tin pan hat, washbasin, battle bowler (when worn by officers), and.

Dishpan Gap was named after he found an old rusty dishpan there.

first film-title pun-gag, Stan pours too much liquid-detergent into the dishpan, causing the resulting washing-solution to be "much thicker than water").

Mironov – guitar Pat Rebillot – keyboards Carlos Martin – congas Bongi – dishpan drums Alan Rubin, Pat Russo – trumpet Dave Taylor, Wayne Andre, Barry Rodgers.

detail smaller than the best Earth telescopes could show, and finally dishpan-sized craters.




stay in place; flatter;

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